Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday Briefs!

Here's a quick announcement of something new on the blog!

Every Wednesday, check back here under the "Wednesday Briefs" tag to see a short flash fiction! The prompt, and story, will be different every week!

Blog hop stop # 4: Scarlet Day interviews Zoe Rider!

For today, check out Scarlet Day's interview of Zoe Rider right here!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Blog hop stop #1: Azalea Moon interviews Anais Morgan!

For the first stop on the blog hop, head on over to Azalea Moon's blog!

There you can find an interview by Anais Morgan! Like many stops on the blog hop, there is a prize for this one--leave a comment on the post over on Azalea's blog, and you can win a book from Anais' backlist and a 5$ gift to use at All Romance Ebooks!

Also keep in mind--comment on this post right here, and you can enter for a chance to win my prize package!

Details about the prize, and about the blog hop, are on this post right here!

That time of year again!

Hello everyone!

Summer is here and its time to expand your reading list. This year, I'll be participating in the Absolute Write Water Cooler's blog hop!

Each author this year is giving away prizes--so make sure to follow all the posts and comment on those who are giving away prizes you're interested in!

This post will be a master list of all the authors and links to their blogs. Then, each day (starting today!) I will be posting a link to each stop on the blog hop.

The blog hop will be active from June 23, 2014 through July 7, 2014. Participating authors will give several days’ extra time to collect names and emails for contest entrants.

I will be giving away an ebook package: One of each of my erotic cyborg shorts, and one free copy of the first book in the Enforcer's series, Noble Magic. To enter, just comment on any of the posts on my blog with your contact info and specifying that you'd like to enter for the giveaway!

Other authors will be giving away print and e-books, gift cards, and physical swag. Check in with each listed blog to share the fun!

Master Schedule (subject to change)

Week One:
June 23 Azalea Moone  interviewing Anais Morgan.
June 24 Anais Morgan interviewing Emily Veinglory
June 25 Emily Veinglory interviewing Scarlet Day
June 26 Scarlet Day interviewing Zoe X. Rider
June 27 Zoe X. Rider interviewing Gail Bridges
June 28 Gail Bridges interviewing Crane Hana
June 29 Crane Hana interviewing Kate Lowell

Week 2
June 30 Kate Lowell interviewing Karenna Colcroft
July 01 Karenna Colcroft interviewing Kimber Vale
July 02 Kimber Vale interviewing Ravon Silvius
July 03 Ravon Silvius interviewing Tara Quan (That's right here!)
July 04 Tara Quan interviewing Ana J. Phoenix
July 05 Ana J. Phoenix interviewing Evelyn Aster
July 06 Evelyn Aster interviewing Dee Tass
July 07 Dee Tass interviewing Azalea Moone