Completed Works

Freshman Blues 
A New Adult contemporary fantasy, available now in print and ebook from Dreamspinner press and wherever Ebooks are sold!

When Chris is invited to a prestigious university, he discovers he is part of an experiment by the mysterious Professor Faran. There’s no other way a C student like him would have been accepted into a college where academic mastery results in unique powers like levitation or empathy. But if Faran is right, even below-average students can get special abilities and a good job after graduation. Chris just has to work hard.

Chris isn’t the only one, either. Frederick has worked for Faran for years, and Chris is intrigued by the aloof and sexy older student. But Frederick is too terrified of life after graduation to pursue romance. As they work together, Chris tries to help Frederick out of his depression, all while juggling friendship, classwork, dating, and trying to carve out a place he can belong.

But funding for the experiment is running out, and Chris has to acquire an ability—any ability—soon, or he’ll lose his opportunity at Creekville University, and any chance with Frederick, for good.

An erotic cyberpunk M/M novella, available now at Extasy Books and wherever Ebooks are sold

The world of the future is starkly divided. Those with the money to afford it can become Alphas, people with superhuman IQ. The rest? Mundanes, unable to get a job beyond the lowest of professions, if they can get work at all.

       But Nick, a mundane, disagrees with the system, and so does his dangerous friend Riki. Their dream is to build their own machine, giving people the equal opportunity they deserve. The penalty for this, however, is death. 

      Unfortunately, Nick is new to crime, and he meets a handsome man in a bar after a hard day at work. When he finds out Julian is an Alpha, he's nervous but continues with the flirtation, resulting in a hot couple of nights. But when he finds out that Julian is an investigator, he realizes he has put his dream at risk.

The Perils of Forgotten Pain-Part 1 and 2

  A M/M Science Fiction novel in two parts, available now from Extasy Books 
Herman is a loyal soldier, dedicated to fighting against the man who calls himself the King of the Earth, and his cybernetic enhancements make him valuable to the cause. But when he falls victim to a strange illness and is saved from death, he begins to have feelings for the man who saved him—which lead him to be captured by the enemy. There, Herman finds out that he may not be so valuable after all. 

Now he must ultimately decide where his loyalties lie-with the space dwelling society who designed him to be an efficient killer, or with a kind man who tells him that he should take the opportunity to live on his own terms.

 A Prequel to The Perils of Forgotten Pain, available now from Extasy Books 
The war is over. The majority of humanity has fled the dying planet to live in space, leaving behind a chemical called Overgrowth that will speed up the restoration of the war torn world.
Some were left behind, and not all by choice. As one chapter of humanity comes to a close, a soldier who thought he had nothing left and a historian who sees potential even in destruction will make a life out of what remains.
The Waterlord Trilogy
 A trilogy of M/M fantasy novels, available now from Extasy Books
Nathan is a skilled mage with control over the air, powering ships over a world covered in water. However, under the control of the powerful Lord Ruthen, a mage of fire, he is insignificant, and he is cowed by the memory of Ruthen killing his childhood friend Tom.

But his friend is not dead, and has nurtured his power over water, which is feared by Fire mages. Nathan is swept up not only into Tom's idea of revenge against Ruthen, but into love with the outcast mage.

The Enforcer's Series
A steampunk series. Books 1-5 are available now from Extasy Books!

Lord Kenneth Victeni has every opportunity and every privilege. As the noble son of a powerful mage, he puts little thought into the lives of the talentless, the second class citizens who cannot use magic in a world ruled by mages.
    That changes when he meets Thorn, a talentless who is studying at the inventor’s college, where those without magic develop steam-powered technology. The two men share a mutual attraction, and what’s more, Thorn just might be Kenneth’s lifemate—the man who, with just his presence, can double Kenneth’s magical power.
    Kenneth’s ignorance of the lives of the talentless puts an obstacle in their budding relationship, however, and his life grows even worse when another mage at the collegium attacks and nearly kills him. Now Thorn and Kenneth must put aside their argument and find a way to put a stop to a mage who poses a threat to others—and along the way, Kenneth might even learn the sensitivity he needs to win over Thorn.

Erotic Cyborg Shorts
Available from Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and Barnes and Noble!
 Short, hot stories set in a world where humans enhanced with technology are beginning to explore the stars. But all that technology can lead to some frustrating--or maybe just sexy--side effects. The first four are out now, and keep an eye out for the collection!

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