Here is where you can find reviews of some of my works!

Five stars for book one: Noble Magic  and book two: The Exam, of the Enforcers series, from the TBR pile! Read the reviews for book 1 here and book 2  here!

The series, Enforcers by Ravon Silvius, have been flawlessly executed and an honest joy to read. The author took a new approach at magic and I for one am excited to read more!

Other reviews for the Enforcers series: 4 stars from Hearts on Fire reviews, 4 stars from Coffee time romance,  4 stars from MM good book reviews, and 4 stars from Top 2 Bottom Reviews!

Books 3 and 4 of the Enforcers series also received five stars from the TBR Pile!

Five stars for Remembrance from the TBR Pile! 

I don’t even know where to start. How do you begin to express the love of a dark and almost magical world such as this? Remembrance will forever be one of my favorite novels. It was so well written. The plot was so intricate and the romance was utterly beautiful. --Review by TBR Reviewer

Four stars for Alpha from M/M Good Book Reviews!

This is a really good story-line and plot that makes you wish it was longer. I thought the connection that Nick and Julian had was great and Julian seemed to be a really nice guy. Nick wants everyone to be on a more even setting rather than just the rich having the best of the world.  Nick’s fear of being discovered was really well done and I thought Julian’s story was really sad and gave us a point of view of an Alpha. -- Review by Pixie

Four stars, and a recommended read, for Perils of Forgotten Pain Parts 1+2 from the TBR Pile

I admired his character for doing what he felt he should at great cost to himself and against all odds, and I was pleased with the end of the story when it looked as if he and Blaze might have a chance....In all, I found this an enjoyable story and would recommend it for those who like science-fiction with romance thrown into the mix. -- Review by Amanda

Four stars, and a recommended read, for Air: The Waterlord Trilogy Part 1 from the TBR Pile!

The characters were absolutely fantastic and the plot was unique as well as entertaining. The author did a great job with the action scenes. The relationship that  grew between Tom and Nathan was perfection. It was slow but not dragging and because of that their attraction was very solid and sexy.  --Review by Brutally Honest

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