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Wednesday Briefs: Aesthetics of Invention part 3

Thorn paused outside the gates of the magi collegium, the air biting with the memory of winter frost. The light of the moon overhead, which had illuminated his way through the forest, seemed dim now in the face of the glowing orbs that marked the presence of magi.

He loved Kenneth. He would be an Enforcer, even if he wasn’t entirely clear on what that meant. But sometimes, like now, he still felt very out of place.

He kept his hat pulled low and his gloves on as he entered the building, finding his way through the now-familiar halls to Kenneth’s room. The carpet was plush and the building full of warmth, which had had to admit he appreciated after a cold winter at the inventor’s college. Heaters did a lot, but magical warmth always felt so luxurious, as though winter had never really begun.

Thankfully, no one stopped him, and he knocked on Kenneth’s door, a smile creeping over his face when it opened immediately. Kenneth stared at him with heavy-lidded eyes, the blue of his irises swallowed up by pupils wide with lust. The robes hid it well, but Thorn could tell by now from the way Kenneth stood, and the way he had adjusted them, that he was already hard.

“I take it you sensed I was here?” Thorn asked. He stepped inside, Kenneth closing the door behind them. He was already breathing quickly.

In Kenneth’s luxurious room, complete with a hearth, warm carpeting, and a bed large enough to fit five people, Thorn’s worries melted away. He may not belong at the magi collegium, not as a talentless. But he certainly belonged here.

“Yes,” Kenneth said. He didn’t move, waiting while Thorn removed his gloves and his hat, and finally his coat. His breath hitched when Thorn moved closer and put his hands on Kenneth’s shoulders, feeling the tension of restrained arousal.

“You want me, Kenneth?” Thorn said, his own body heating as he took in the sight and closeness of the mage. At his words, the fire in the hearth flared like a lightning strike. Thorn blinked, then grinned. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Sorry.” Kenneth muttered something, and the fire went out, replaced by three glowing orbs of light, like moonlight. “I’ve been waiting all day.” He put his arms around Thorn, pulling him close enough that Thorn could feel Kenneth’s hardness pressing against him. “Thorn, fires, I need you. I can’t even think.”

Thorn chuckled, then reached around and pulled Kenneth’s head down into a kiss, a kiss that he quickly broke when Kenneth immediately moaned into his mouth. “C’mon, Kenneth. I’m good, but not that good.”

Kenneth just whimpered. “Please, Thorn.”

Thorn smiled and kissed him again, Kenneth pliant when Thorn shoved his tongue into his mouth. His poor lover. Thorn didn’t fully understand what this lifemate stuff meant, but it always effected Kenneth this way.

Somewhere, the cynical part of him still wondered if Kenneth, a powerful, noble mage, only wanted Thorn because of it. Because of the magic, or lust, that it brought out in him. They had gotten close quickly, and Thorn certainly loved Kenneth. Who wouldn’t love such a handsome, intelligent, and kind man? But he still worried.

He was just a talentless, a man who couldn’t use magic. A man with one hand, that had at one time disgusted Kenneth. So what did Kenneth see in him?

Those thoughts receded, though, when Kenneth gasped, breaking the kiss. “Please, Thorn,” he said, his voice a plaintive whine. “Please,” and his face reddened, a feathery blush spreading over his face and down his neck, “please fuck me. I can’t wait anymore.”

Fires, he loved hearing those words. The memory of the time he had first seen Kenneth, a fancy mage on a fancy horse looking down at other talentless as though he didn’t see them, flashed through his mind. And look at him now. Begging for it. He was no noble mage. He was just a man, a man who wanted Thorn.

And Thorn wanted him too.

“Get undressed then,” Thorn said, his voice a whip. And in the few seconds it took Kenneth to mutter something, he was naked, his long erection thick and beaded with precum. More magic, then.

Thorn couldn’t wait any longer, either. “Get on the bed.”

He undressed himself hurriedly while Kenneth obeyed, his fingers fumbling over buttons. Curse his fake hand, he’d have to readjust things when he made his new one. Soon enough, though, he joined Kenneth on the bed, looming over the blond mage. Kenneth had already found lube, and pressed it into Thorn’s hand as the bed creaked beneath them.

“Please hurry,” he said. Light and heat whooshed, and Thorn realized the fire in the hearth was lit again. Kenneth blushed redder.

Thorn slicked himself fast. “Stop thinking, then,” he said. He didn’t know if Kenneth needed to think to use magic, but it made sense to him. “No more magic. Just focus on me.”

“Please!” Kenneth shouted, and Thorn didn’t need to be told twice. He entered Kenneth with two fingers, preparing as fast as he could, and then thrust deep inside. Kenneth bellowed, his back arching and his hands grabbing at Thorn’s shoulders.

“Fast, please,” Kenneth panted, and Thorn listened. Heat built in his body, his worries about Kenneth, and about magi and talentless, vanishing. It was always like this. With Kenneth, he didn’t need to worry. Kenneth wanted him, wanted him desperately, and he wanted Kenneth too. His mage, red faced and panting, his body jolting with each of Thorn’s thrusts.

Kenneth came on his stomach as Thorn watched, arcs of cum streaking his body as he groaned. He hadn’t even needed to touch him. The sight made Thorn gasp, his own pleasure magnified, and Kenneth’s grip tightened on his shoulders as he thrust even harder. “Yes, Thorn,” Kenneth said, his breathing hard in Thorn’s ears.

Kenneth was tight, beautiful, and then Thorn shuddered, deep heat erupting from him inside the mage. He shuddered, his arms shaking and fists curling in the mattress.

“Thorn,” Kenneth said, a moan edging his voice. “That was so good.”

Monday, July 28, 2014

Freshmen Blues is complete!

Hello everyone,

I have finished Freshmen Blues, and I hope to begin submission to publishers soon! I will keep everyone posted on its progress!

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Wednesday Briefs: Aesthetic of Invention Part 2

Kenneth and Thorn's collegium interlude continues!

“Kenneth,” Thorn said, his face reddening. “I’m glad.” He took his hand away from Kenneth’s lips and threw his arm around the mage, pulling him closer. They kissed hungrily, Kenneth moaning as his magic flared. The sensation of Thorn’s lips, of being pulled close by Thorn’s strong arms, was overwhelming.

The bulbs that illuminated the workroom burst all at once, sending them both into darkness as glass hit the floor with an ear-piercing roar. Thorn jumped back with a gasp.

Kenneth tamped down his control of his magic, watching as the swirls of aether stilled with his increased control. Damn.

“Second time you’ve done that,” Thorn said, his voice breathless from surprise. “I had to get all the bulbs replaced in my room.” Kenneth could barely see him in the dark, and he called up a globe of light, illuminating Thorn’s smirk.

“Sorry,” Kenneth said, taking a deep breath. “That was a poor showing, wasn’t it?” He hoped the glow from the orb didn’t show how red-faced he was.

Thorn’s laughter eased the worst of his embarrassment. “It’s flattering, really,” Thorn said. “But I’m certain the masters here won’t be too pleased. I’ll have to replace the bulbs for now—what say I meet you at the collegium?” Thorn strode across the room, striking something on top of the table, and then a fire burned on a small match. He lit a lantern in the corner, dust making the fire jump before it settled into a steady burn. “There, now I won’t need your light.”

Kenneth swallowed down disappointment. “I truly am sorry. Later tonight, then?”

“Sure.” Thorn moved back over to him, his scent and closeness making the aether in Kenneth’s vision swim. “At least at the collegium, I can do whatever I want to you without worrying about your magic breaking my things.”

Lust flared, and Kenneth shivered. “I like the way you think.”

“Good.” Thorn gave him the lightest of shoves toward the door. “Tonight, then. Be ready.”

Kenneth nodded, adjusting his robes to hide his swollen erection. He would be ready.

But first, he thought as he headed down the hall and toward the stables, he needed to begin to learn how to keep things under control. He had a little under two months to graduate, and if he lost control like that around his lifemate constantly…he shuddered to think of the shame. Especially when he would become an Enforcer after he graduated.

Lifemates were rare, and Kenneth had never imagined getting one. So when his professors had introduced the concept and informed the students entering the collegium about protocol related to lifemates, he hadn’t paid close attention.

After stabling Jade back at the magi’s collegium, though, Kenneth did his best to remember what he had been told. One name stood out in his mind—Ruta Maibell. She was the head doctor at the infirmary, had a lifemate of her own, and was an expert on raw magic. She could tell a person’s strength just by looking at them, and sometimes even found lifemates for mages who desired one.

People wearing the tell-tale blue of healer’s robes passed him by as he entered the infirmary wing, his shoes clacking on the marble floor. It quieted when he got to plush carpet, and the entire building seemed to hush when he entered a circular rotunda, almost like a smaller version of one of the lecture halls. Curtains covered doorways that led further into the infirmary, and overhead, sun beamed down through skylights. Plush benches lined the sides of the rotunda, and a pale man slumped in one of them. Kenneth took a seat as far away from the man as he could.

He realized his heart was beating fast, and he took a few breaths to calm it. He hadn’t been here since Thorn had been hurt.

“Kenneth Victeni?”

Kenneth jumped at the voice, the person having moved so quietly on the plush carpeting he hadn’t heard them approach. A young man, probably a first year at the collegium, dressed in Healer’s blue grinned down at Kenneth. His grin faded slightly when Kenneth stood and towered over him.

“What seems to be the trouble today?” the healer asked.

“I’m here to see Doctor Maibell,” Kenneth said. “Is she available?”

The man’s eyebrows hit his hairline. “For lifemate consultation?”

Kenneth grit his teeth. “Yes.”

“I…yes, then. Follow me.” He beckoned, and Kenneth fell into step beside him. The young man was remarkably relaxed around nobility, and he tried to remember what family this man might belong to. No memories of any noble family with a son in healing came to mind, and he gave up on it when he was led to a heavy wooden door.

“I will tell her you are—“

The door swung open, a short, graying woman with eyes like an owls’ peering into the hallway. She looked Kenneth up and down, and her mouth set itself in a firm frown. With a wave of a hand to dismiss the healer, she nodded at Kenneth. “You think you have got yourself a lifemate?”

“I do,” Kenneth said. Her tone and stance in the doorway made him tense his shoulders. “I’d think I know that better than anyone else.” He had argued with the Dean about Thorn; he’d have no problem arguing it with this woman either, magic expert or no.

She stared at him, her mouth pursed, and finally nodded. “Come in, then.”

Kenneth had expected something like the Dean’s office, a sparse, utilitarian place of work with little other than a desk. Doctor Maibell’s office looked more like a sitting room, with couches along an enormous window that overlooked the collegium lawn, and a small desk that sat in front of a plush chair. Kenneth opted to stand.

“So,” Doctor Maibell said after a moment’s silence. “With power like yours, I imagine your lifemate’s presence must be quite distracting. Is that why you’re here? Losing control and all that?”

Kenneth coughed in an attempt to hide his blush. “Yes.”

“Not a surprise.” She waved a hand, moving over to her desk to write down some notes. “Well I can’t do much to help without whoever it is. Can you bring them here?”

Kenneth stifled a sigh. This was certainly going to be interesting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: The Aesthetics of Invention

Today we have the first 1000 words of a new short story about Kenneth and Thorn. This takes place during the time period shortly after Alder was driven away from the Collegium, but before they graduated. Think of it as a small interlude.

Jade huffed, her hooves making a sloshing, crunching noise on the melting snow. Kenneth muttered to the aether, dropping the magic that would warm the air around him and his horse. The humid cold of late winter rushed in immediately.

Ahead of him, the inventor’s college stood against the gray sky, and he nodded to the gatekeeper as he turned Jade toward the stables. They knew him by now, and no longer stopped him and asked what he was doing here every time. No more nervous bowing or “my lords,” and Kenneth was glad for it.

It had been a month since Kenneth and Thorn had discovered they were lifemates, and they visited each other often enough that it wasn’t strange anymore.

Kenneth stabled Jade, making sure to give her the choicest bits of hay. He never needed to stable his own horse at the collegium, but the talentless were much more self sufficient.

And that would be proven today, he knew. Thorn wanted to show him his new graduation project. Kenneth sighed, trying to push away nerves. The last time Thorn had shown him his work, Kenneth had bungled things between them horribly. He couldn’t let that happen again.

“Kenneth!” His anxieties faded when he heard his lover’s voice, and at the same moment felt his magic strengthen. He wasn’t used to that yet. Thorn, just by being near, doubled his magical power, and it was still a heady thrum when it happened. He would get used to it in time, according to the masters at the collegium, but for now it was still intoxicating.

 Thorn stood at the entrance to the stables, a grin on his face. His brown hair was mussed, and the frayed coat he wore creaked like old leather as he walked closer. “Sorry I missed you enter the college, I was getting some supplies from the refinery.” He leaned over and reached into Jade’s stall, petting the horse on the nose before tilting his head as he met Kenneth’s eyes. “Kenneth? You okay?”

Kenneth blinked, trying to find his sense of self beneath the potential to control the aether. Bands of it wrapped the stables, waiting to be sensed and manipulated. “Yes, I’m alright.” He focused on Thorn’s face, and memories of their times together coupled with the head rush of magic quickened his blood. “I’m just glad to see you.”

Thorn smirked, his gaze dropping. “I can see that.”

Kenneth’s face heated, and he adjusted his robes. He wondered if all lifemates felt that way as they got used to each other, or just him. He cleared his throat. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. Is it still the magic?” Thorn said. He leaned against the stable door, and Kenneth’s gaze was riveted to his neck, following it down to where his coat covered what Kenneth knew to be a well muscled chest, and then down to Thorn’s tight trousers which covered a long, beautiful, uncut cock. Desire pulsed through him again, maddening.

“Kenneth,” Thorn snapped. “Pay attention.”

Right. Thorn’s tone of command, so surprising coming from a talentless, cleared his head, the sense of magic falling under his control. Arousal still burned, but it wasn’t so bad. Privately, he relished the idea of obeying Thorn’s snapped commands. “Right,” he said again. “I’m sorry. I came here to see your work, of course.”

“Of course.” Thorn grinned. “It is what I invited you for.” He stood up from leaning against the stable. “Follow me.”

They traveled through the familiar path, down the wooden halls of the talentless college where other people, dressed similarly to Thorn, wandered the halls. Wheeled contraptions clicked past, and once Kenneth peered into a workroom, where flame hissed from pipes in the wall while a woman held metal over it. Down one hall, a mouse zipped past, disappearing into a crevice.

“Not as clean as the collegium,” Thorn said with a sheepish look. He pulled out a key, the door to his workroom opening with a creak.

Unlike last time, he hadn’t covered it. “Take a look and let me know what you think,” Thorn said, gesturing to the table. A mechanical hand lay atop it, and there was a brief moment when revulsion, or maybe just fear, flashed through Kenneth.

But it vanished quickly. He moved toward the table, where a metal hand lay, gray and heavy. This was what Thorn did. This would improve lives, just as magic would. And it would help the lives of those that magi had injured during the war.

“It’s not done yet,” Thorn said. “But it’s going to be more efficient than…than what I have now.” He removed his gloves, letting Kenneth compare his lover’s current prosthetic to the one on the table. The new one was sleeker, with fewer gears, and with wire that a word to the aether revealed was copper wound through the palm.

Thorn stared at him, and Kenneth realized his lover was anxious too.

“I love it,” Kenneth said. Thorn smirked. “Alright,” Kenneth amended. “I barely understand it. But it looks nice. More…” he looked at his own hands. “More natural.”

“I was going for more efficient,” Thorn said with a nod, his gaze shifting away from Kenneth. “But aesthetics matter too.”

Kenneth blinked, surprising rooting him in place. Thorn had designed it that way because of him. Kenneth’s thoughtless words a month ago, even after all that had happened with Alder, came back to him. He had hurt Thorn even more than he realized.

“It’s wonderful,” he said, choosing his words with care. He had to do this right. He had to let Thorn know he wasn’t repulsed by his fake hand, not anymore, and he wasn’t repulsed by Thorn’s work.

Maybe it would be better to show it.

He moved to Thorn, pulling him close, taking in the scent and nearness of his lover. The fuzzy-headedness returned, lust mixing with his overpowering sense of magic. “You’re wonderful,” Kenneth said, and he kissed Thorn’s neck, letting his inhibitions fall. “No matter what, I want you.”

Thorn gasped when Kenneth kissed his neck, and it turned into a chuckle. “Is that you or the magic talking?”

“Me,” Kenneth said. He took Thorn’s fake hand in his, feeling the powerful metal as he lifted and pressed his lips to it. “It’s always me.”

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Interview over at Julie Lynn Haye's blog!

Hey everyone! Julie Lynn Hayes, Dreamspinner author of the To the Max series and more, is hosting me today over at their blog! Check it out here!

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Wednesday Briefs: Freshmen Blues!

Today, we have a brief from Freshmen Blues. Think of it as a sneak peek!

Please let me know in the comments what sort of scenes and which characters you would like to see in future Wednesday briefs!

Chris waited for Skye on the edge of the quad. His nerves danced with electricity, and the familiar sensation of fluttering in his stomach increased in intensity as he caught sight of his date against the purpling evening.

He wore a black shirt trimmed with red that made his red hair stand out even more in the setting sun, and tight black pants that Chris swore must be leather. The ensemble was completed by a thick cloth choker, a band around his neck that somehow made him look more, not less, masculine.

He was gorgeous. Chris shivered with a combination of nervousness and anticipation as Skye approached.

“You look nice, Chris,” Skye said. A flash of warmth and heat went through him.

“You too.”

“C’mon,” Skye said. He put a hand on Chris’ shoulder, heat traveling from his fingertips. “The club opens at six, and I know you probably don’t want to stay out too late.”

“I…I can stay up late,” Chris said.

“Oh, I said out, not up,” Skye said with a smirk. Chris’ face heated, and he fell into step next to Skye. He had to walk slightly faster to keep up with the taller student, especially as they climbed the slight slope of the arched bridge over the river.

“You’re not skipping out on studying, are you?” Skye asked with a chuckle.

Chris shook his head, his face heating a bit at the thought of the upcoming exam. “No, not really. I mean, I guess I could always be, but—”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sky said, tilting his chin up to indicate the lamps of the city that stretched out ahead of them. “A couple more blocks and we’ll be at the club. You ever wandered around the city before? It can be dangerous if you go too far, but this close to the school it’s kind of nice. A change from the campus, which believe me, you’ll get tired of after a few more months.”

“No. I’m still kinda getting used to things, I think, even at Creekville.” Chris turned, noticing that the campus was dark in the distance now compared to the twinkling lights of the small city. Past the bridge, street lamps lit their way and light glowed from buildings. In the distance, a red light flashed on the tip of a tower, probably to direct landing planes.

Just another place that was bigger than his old hometown. He really had come far.

“Sometime during the day, you should explore the city and maybe the surrounding suburbs. Trust me. Knowing where the good places are will be helpful once you get sick of campus food.” Chris stiffened when Skye put a hand on his shoulder, steering him into a turn down a cheerily lit street. “This way,” he said. “It’s near that Starbuck’s.” The familiar green logo shone in the evening dimness.

As they walked, they joined a few other people, some in couples and some walking alone. A neon sign split the night, and Chris’ heart started to pound.

“This is it,” Skye said. “No drinks, of course, but you seemed like you needed a place to relax, and it’s a fun place. Better than a frat party, by far.” He grinned, and Chris nodded weakly. “We can sit and chat, or dance, whatever you’d prefer.”

Pounding music, though not as loud as the music had been at the frat party, met his ears as they entered. A man in a tight shirt nodded to Skye, and after a glance at Chris, waved them both in. Chris paused for only a moment. He had been expecting an I.D check. Then again, this wasn’t campus.

The club itself seemed to consist of two rooms. The first was the bar, where a shirtless man with a buzzcut was pouring drinks, lit with cheery light. Through a wide doorway, though, Chris could see a darkened dance floor, where another bar illuminated in blue served people who danced either alone or in groups. A DJ stand stood off to one side, the table so dark Chris couldn’t see who was manning it.

“So which would you like, Chris?” Skye said. The music pounded beneath his words, and Chris found his gaze tracking a man who danced with no shirt, very close to another man. “Dancefloor or bar?”

Dancefloor, of course. “I…I can’t really dance, but I’d like to try.”

Skye smiled, and put a hand on Chris’s shoulder, once again steering him. “I can show you,” he said.

The music wound through Chris’ body and his feet as he let Skye guide him onto the dancefloor. The room wasn’t too busy, probably because it wasn’t too late yet, but two other couples—both gay—danced too. One of them, a middle aged couple danced very close, one man resting his head on the other’s shoulder. It made Chris happy to see it. By the bar, a few men mingled, just watching the dance floor.

Then Skye was in front of him, his hands on Chris’ hips. “Move with me,” he said, and Chris did, suddenly very overwhelmed by the combination of the pulsing music, the feel of Skye’s hands, and the sensation of Skye in front of him.

It was easy to move, at least. Chris followed Skye, stepping when he did. His heart began to race, but with both excitement and anxiety this time. The room was too loud to talk, but they didn’t need to. Movement, and contact, was enough.

Chris let his worries subside, just for the moment. The songs kept changing, the beat quickening, then slowing, then quickening again, and their movements changed with it. Skye’s grip snaked down Chris’ hips, and they moved closer together, Chris’ body heating at the increased contact. He put a hand on Skye’s shoulders, and then on his hips, marveling at the fact that this was happening. In one part of his mind, he felt like an imposter. This was a gay bar. It was hard to get out of the closet he had put himself in, to realize that he wanted this, and wanted to enjoy himself.

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AW Blog Hop: Interview with Tara Quan!

Hello everyone! please welcome Tara Quan!
About Tara Quan
Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, her characters are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest | Amazon

Tara has an interview for us, and then a sneak peek at one of her books, Warlock's Pawn!

1. Hi and welcome to Otherworldly Romance! Since you’re taking part in the Absolutely Erotic blog hop, you obviously enjoy writing sexy stuff. What do you find most difficult about highly sensual scenes?
Honestly? Coming up with different ways to describe various body parts (and not just the obvious ones). I try to minimize word repetition, but there’s only so many ways I can say “fingers,” “thighs,” or “hands.” And while I’m not shy about using the “c” words, I don’t like repeating them too often, so every sex scene becomes a highly challenging creative exercise. Throw emotions and reactions into the mix, and its enough to give even the most talented writers a headache. People who say writing about sex is easy either have insane anatomical vocabulary, or their opinion isn’t based on firsthand experience.
2. For you, is it more difficult to write action, sex, or emotional scenes?
Action gives me the most trouble. Brawls, gunfights, and car chases have so many moving parts it’s hard stay accurate while maintaining a suspenseful pace. I revise these scenes the most, with the help of a beta reader, until I get them just right.
 3. So what type of scene is the most fun to write?
I think every author on this hop would vote for sex. Technical difficulties aside, it leaves the space wide open in terms of creativity. I’ve tried my hand at paranormal romances recently (they’ll probably come out at the end of the year), and throwing magic into the erotic mix was tons of fun.
4. What, in your opinion, separates romance from erotic romance?
One’s publisher (and I’m not being facetious). A vast majority of “in the bookstore” romance contains sex. In my opinion, Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series (labeled a “romance”) is more explicit than many books some e-Rom publishers categorize as “erotic.” The label, and the gradation of heat levels varies widely between publishing houses. Throw indie authors into the mix, and we’ve got a sexy Wild West with yet-to-be established genre rules.
With a book labeled “erotic romance,” readers are guaranteed a sex scene, which is always nice to know. I’ve once read through very good “romance” until the end, all the while waiting for bedroom action, only to have a door closed in my face. It was still a good book, but man was I frustrated (pun intended).
5. If you could steal an author’s career, whose would it be?
I wouldn’t dare steal someone’s career, but I’m content to watch Nalini Singh from afar, with the full force of fangirl worship.
6. Now for some fun fast-five questions. Wine or Beer?
Vino per favore…
7. Tea or Coffee?
Gah. Tea, if I must choose.
8. Mountain or Beach?
Beach (Thai girl here)
9. Mac or PC?
I’m typing my answers on a MacBook.
10. Cheese or cake?

Warlock’s Pawn

In a world of blood and sand, becoming a warlock’s queen is a fatal curse. To survive the Helicon court, Alia must learn to play a lethal game. But while she faces assassins with a dagger in hand, what she fears most is losing her heart along with her freedom.
Buy LinksAmazon | B&N | AllRomance | LSBooks | GoodReads

“… an exquisite pairing of intrigue, fantasy, paranormal and erotic story elements.” - The Bookchick
“… highly recommended for paranormal lovers who want an extra kinky kick.” – Spanking Romance Reviews
Warlock’s Pawn is unique, has a solid plot and I see great things in the future if she keeps writing fabulous stories like this.” – The To Be Read Pile

 “What do you ask? What is the payment you demand for saving the life of the Ruler of Helicon?” he questioned as he bent his head to her proffered wrist and brushed his lips against her palm.
“I ask that you be merciful,” she said as he drew in her life force, and pure white magic seeped through his body to undo all that Anora’s poison had wrought. With the bond came an understanding of words that need not be spoken, of a request made by a being who knew too well how this war would end.
Once he was sated, Duncan released the fey’s hand and gazed upon her pale unconscious form. He bent to press his lips against her cheek before fastening on the veil. “The Dionian court will pay for its crime, and one day you will belong to me,” he whispered as he lifted the feather-light body into his arms. “But the people you protect will be safe under my rule. To that you have my vow.”

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Blog hop stop #10: Kimber Vale Interviews me!

Today, check out my interview with Kimber Vale over here!

Wednesday Briefs: A New Invention

This is a short flash fic featuring Kenneth and Thorn. I hope you enjoy!

The bright morning sun streamed across the bedspread and illuminated the muscular planes of Thorn’s shoulders. Kenneth smiled at the sight, the small wooden bed creaking as he sat up.

“Mmm?” Thorn mumbled, lifting his head. The wood creaked louder, the flimsy cot that students at the inventor’s college slept on buckling under the combined weight of two people.

“Morning,” Kenneth said. “And happy graduation day.”

Thorn’s eyes flew open and he jolted up, the covers falling off his body and revealing a toned torso and muscular thighs. A flash of heat went through Kenneth, and he wondered if Thorn would be open to repeating their lovemaking session from the night before.

“Why didn’t you wake me sooner!” Thorn said, running his metal prosthetic hand through his hair.  Kenneth guessed a quickie was probably out. “It’s already light and I have to prepare, and you…” his brown eyes were wide, “don’t you have to get back to the magi’s collegium?”

Kenneth laughed, leaning over to stroke Thorn’s back, relishing the touch of his new lover. It had only been a few months, but he still couldn’t keep his hands from Thorn. His lover, his lifemate. And after today, after they both graduated, he could show Thorn his home, and they could begin their new lives. “I have Jade, remember? And magic. I can be back in no time.”

Thorn shivered beneath his touch, his eyes going half-lidded, but pulled away. “Right, that’s fine for you…but I still need to prepare. And both of us need to at least get cleaned up.”

That was true. “Where are the baths?” Kenneth asked. He would follow Thorn’s lead. Saving things for later tonight would make the day even more exciting.

“Baths?” Thorn quirked a smile. “We have to be quick, and this is the inventor’s college, remember? We inventors have a new, more efficient way to bathe.”

Kenneth tilted his head. “And what way would that be?”

And that was how Lord Kenneth Victeni, the noble mage, ended up standing naked under a rusty metal pipe in a small wooden enclosure, peering at one of the talentless’ many inventions.

“So, the pump draws water, and it comes out here when I pull this chain?” Kenneth asked.

Thorn was grinning, his usual grin that let Kenneth know he knew and understood things Kenneth didn’t. Kenneth loved it, but on occasions like this it made him slightly nervous. “That’s right. I’ve pumped the water into the basin above your head already. Just pull the chain, and you’ll have water for about five minutes.”

“Is that enough time?” It was far from the luxurious soak he was used to.

“C’mon, Kenneth. It’ll be fun. I’ll join you under there, too.” Thorn moved to stand beside him, his arms encircling Kenneth’s waist. Hot breath flowed over his neck. “It’ll be a new experience.”

Goosebumps rose on Kenneth’s neck and face. Thorn was so sexy, and the power he held, even if he was talentless, always made Kenneth’s blood run faster. “Fine,” he said, and pulled the chain.

Goosebumps fired all over his body, but not due to Thorn. “It’s cold!” he shouted, jumping out from under the falling water.

Thorn’s laughter echoed off the wooden walls of the tiny shower enclosure. “Of course it is,” he said. “What did you expect?” He, at least, didn’t seem to mind. He threw his head back, letting the water hit his chest and cascade over his body. “Its refreshing, Kenneth,” he said, closing his eyes and sighing. “Like standing under a waterfall.”

“A freezing waterfall,” Kenneth said. He stared at the falling water, following a drop of water that traveled down Thorn’s flat stomach, and another that traveled down his thighs. His body began to heat, and he didn’t want to ruin it by getting under that freezing downpour.

But the water itself was simply falling from the basin above their heads. He grinned, and muttered words the aether. Thorn wasn’t the only one who could surprise.

“What the…” Thorn froze in place as the water around him began to steam. He met Kenneth’s eyes, beaming. “This is you, right?”

“Do you like it?” Kenneth asked, walking back under the falling water. It sent fiery trails down his body, ones that made the rising heat in his loins even more potent. He kissed Thorn’s shoulder, tasting his lover mixed with fresh water.

“You noble magi,” Thorn said with a low moan as Kenneth kissed his way up his shoulder to his neck. “Always with your luxuries.”

“At least now it’s not too cold,” Kenneth said, snaking his hand around Thorn’s waist and finding the prize he expected. Thorn’s firm erection filled his hand.

“Yes, Kenneth,” Thorn said, the edge of command in his voice that Kenneth craved more every day. “Do it. Just…ah…be quick.”

“You’re the one that said these showers were more efficient,” Kenneth said with a smile.