Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Aesthetics of Invention part 3

Thorn paused outside the gates of the magi collegium, the air biting with the memory of winter frost. The light of the moon overhead, which had illuminated his way through the forest, seemed dim now in the face of the glowing orbs that marked the presence of magi.

He loved Kenneth. He would be an Enforcer, even if he wasn’t entirely clear on what that meant. But sometimes, like now, he still felt very out of place.

He kept his hat pulled low and his gloves on as he entered the building, finding his way through the now-familiar halls to Kenneth’s room. The carpet was plush and the building full of warmth, which had had to admit he appreciated after a cold winter at the inventor’s college. Heaters did a lot, but magical warmth always felt so luxurious, as though winter had never really begun.

Thankfully, no one stopped him, and he knocked on Kenneth’s door, a smile creeping over his face when it opened immediately. Kenneth stared at him with heavy-lidded eyes, the blue of his irises swallowed up by pupils wide with lust. The robes hid it well, but Thorn could tell by now from the way Kenneth stood, and the way he had adjusted them, that he was already hard.

“I take it you sensed I was here?” Thorn asked. He stepped inside, Kenneth closing the door behind them. He was already breathing quickly.

In Kenneth’s luxurious room, complete with a hearth, warm carpeting, and a bed large enough to fit five people, Thorn’s worries melted away. He may not belong at the magi collegium, not as a talentless. But he certainly belonged here.

“Yes,” Kenneth said. He didn’t move, waiting while Thorn removed his gloves and his hat, and finally his coat. His breath hitched when Thorn moved closer and put his hands on Kenneth’s shoulders, feeling the tension of restrained arousal.

“You want me, Kenneth?” Thorn said, his own body heating as he took in the sight and closeness of the mage. At his words, the fire in the hearth flared like a lightning strike. Thorn blinked, then grinned. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Sorry.” Kenneth muttered something, and the fire went out, replaced by three glowing orbs of light, like moonlight. “I’ve been waiting all day.” He put his arms around Thorn, pulling him close enough that Thorn could feel Kenneth’s hardness pressing against him. “Thorn, fires, I need you. I can’t even think.”

Thorn chuckled, then reached around and pulled Kenneth’s head down into a kiss, a kiss that he quickly broke when Kenneth immediately moaned into his mouth. “C’mon, Kenneth. I’m good, but not that good.”

Kenneth just whimpered. “Please, Thorn.”

Thorn smiled and kissed him again, Kenneth pliant when Thorn shoved his tongue into his mouth. His poor lover. Thorn didn’t fully understand what this lifemate stuff meant, but it always effected Kenneth this way.

Somewhere, the cynical part of him still wondered if Kenneth, a powerful, noble mage, only wanted Thorn because of it. Because of the magic, or lust, that it brought out in him. They had gotten close quickly, and Thorn certainly loved Kenneth. Who wouldn’t love such a handsome, intelligent, and kind man? But he still worried.

He was just a talentless, a man who couldn’t use magic. A man with one hand, that had at one time disgusted Kenneth. So what did Kenneth see in him?

Those thoughts receded, though, when Kenneth gasped, breaking the kiss. “Please, Thorn,” he said, his voice a plaintive whine. “Please,” and his face reddened, a feathery blush spreading over his face and down his neck, “please fuck me. I can’t wait anymore.”

Fires, he loved hearing those words. The memory of the time he had first seen Kenneth, a fancy mage on a fancy horse looking down at other talentless as though he didn’t see them, flashed through his mind. And look at him now. Begging for it. He was no noble mage. He was just a man, a man who wanted Thorn.

And Thorn wanted him too.

“Get undressed then,” Thorn said, his voice a whip. And in the few seconds it took Kenneth to mutter something, he was naked, his long erection thick and beaded with precum. More magic, then.

Thorn couldn’t wait any longer, either. “Get on the bed.”

He undressed himself hurriedly while Kenneth obeyed, his fingers fumbling over buttons. Curse his fake hand, he’d have to readjust things when he made his new one. Soon enough, though, he joined Kenneth on the bed, looming over the blond mage. Kenneth had already found lube, and pressed it into Thorn’s hand as the bed creaked beneath them.

“Please hurry,” he said. Light and heat whooshed, and Thorn realized the fire in the hearth was lit again. Kenneth blushed redder.

Thorn slicked himself fast. “Stop thinking, then,” he said. He didn’t know if Kenneth needed to think to use magic, but it made sense to him. “No more magic. Just focus on me.”

“Please!” Kenneth shouted, and Thorn didn’t need to be told twice. He entered Kenneth with two fingers, preparing as fast as he could, and then thrust deep inside. Kenneth bellowed, his back arching and his hands grabbing at Thorn’s shoulders.

“Fast, please,” Kenneth panted, and Thorn listened. Heat built in his body, his worries about Kenneth, and about magi and talentless, vanishing. It was always like this. With Kenneth, he didn’t need to worry. Kenneth wanted him, wanted him desperately, and he wanted Kenneth too. His mage, red faced and panting, his body jolting with each of Thorn’s thrusts.

Kenneth came on his stomach as Thorn watched, arcs of cum streaking his body as he groaned. He hadn’t even needed to touch him. The sight made Thorn gasp, his own pleasure magnified, and Kenneth’s grip tightened on his shoulders as he thrust even harder. “Yes, Thorn,” Kenneth said, his breathing hard in Thorn’s ears.

Kenneth was tight, beautiful, and then Thorn shuddered, deep heat erupting from him inside the mage. He shuddered, his arms shaking and fists curling in the mattress.

“Thorn,” Kenneth said, a moan edging his voice. “That was so good.”

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