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AW Blog Hop: Interview with Tara Quan!

Hello everyone! please welcome Tara Quan!
About Tara Quan
Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, fantasy worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, her characters are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at
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Tara has an interview for us, and then a sneak peek at one of her books, Warlock's Pawn!

1. Hi and welcome to Otherworldly Romance! Since you’re taking part in the Absolutely Erotic blog hop, you obviously enjoy writing sexy stuff. What do you find most difficult about highly sensual scenes?
Honestly? Coming up with different ways to describe various body parts (and not just the obvious ones). I try to minimize word repetition, but there’s only so many ways I can say “fingers,” “thighs,” or “hands.” And while I’m not shy about using the “c” words, I don’t like repeating them too often, so every sex scene becomes a highly challenging creative exercise. Throw emotions and reactions into the mix, and its enough to give even the most talented writers a headache. People who say writing about sex is easy either have insane anatomical vocabulary, or their opinion isn’t based on firsthand experience.
2. For you, is it more difficult to write action, sex, or emotional scenes?
Action gives me the most trouble. Brawls, gunfights, and car chases have so many moving parts it’s hard stay accurate while maintaining a suspenseful pace. I revise these scenes the most, with the help of a beta reader, until I get them just right.
 3. So what type of scene is the most fun to write?
I think every author on this hop would vote for sex. Technical difficulties aside, it leaves the space wide open in terms of creativity. I’ve tried my hand at paranormal romances recently (they’ll probably come out at the end of the year), and throwing magic into the erotic mix was tons of fun.
4. What, in your opinion, separates romance from erotic romance?
One’s publisher (and I’m not being facetious). A vast majority of “in the bookstore” romance contains sex. In my opinion, Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series (labeled a “romance”) is more explicit than many books some e-Rom publishers categorize as “erotic.” The label, and the gradation of heat levels varies widely between publishing houses. Throw indie authors into the mix, and we’ve got a sexy Wild West with yet-to-be established genre rules.
With a book labeled “erotic romance,” readers are guaranteed a sex scene, which is always nice to know. I’ve once read through very good “romance” until the end, all the while waiting for bedroom action, only to have a door closed in my face. It was still a good book, but man was I frustrated (pun intended).
5. If you could steal an author’s career, whose would it be?
I wouldn’t dare steal someone’s career, but I’m content to watch Nalini Singh from afar, with the full force of fangirl worship.
6. Now for some fun fast-five questions. Wine or Beer?
Vino per favore…
7. Tea or Coffee?
Gah. Tea, if I must choose.
8. Mountain or Beach?
Beach (Thai girl here)
9. Mac or PC?
I’m typing my answers on a MacBook.
10. Cheese or cake?

Warlock’s Pawn

In a world of blood and sand, becoming a warlock’s queen is a fatal curse. To survive the Helicon court, Alia must learn to play a lethal game. But while she faces assassins with a dagger in hand, what she fears most is losing her heart along with her freedom.
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“… an exquisite pairing of intrigue, fantasy, paranormal and erotic story elements.” - The Bookchick
“… highly recommended for paranormal lovers who want an extra kinky kick.” – Spanking Romance Reviews
Warlock’s Pawn is unique, has a solid plot and I see great things in the future if she keeps writing fabulous stories like this.” – The To Be Read Pile

 “What do you ask? What is the payment you demand for saving the life of the Ruler of Helicon?” he questioned as he bent his head to her proffered wrist and brushed his lips against her palm.
“I ask that you be merciful,” she said as he drew in her life force, and pure white magic seeped through his body to undo all that Anora’s poison had wrought. With the bond came an understanding of words that need not be spoken, of a request made by a being who knew too well how this war would end.
Once he was sated, Duncan released the fey’s hand and gazed upon her pale unconscious form. He bent to press his lips against her cheek before fastening on the veil. “The Dionian court will pay for its crime, and one day you will belong to me,” he whispered as he lifted the feather-light body into his arms. “But the people you protect will be safe under my rule. To that you have my vow.”

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