Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Freshmen Blues!

Today, we have a brief from Freshmen Blues. Think of it as a sneak peek!

Please let me know in the comments what sort of scenes and which characters you would like to see in future Wednesday briefs!

Chris waited for Skye on the edge of the quad. His nerves danced with electricity, and the familiar sensation of fluttering in his stomach increased in intensity as he caught sight of his date against the purpling evening.

He wore a black shirt trimmed with red that made his red hair stand out even more in the setting sun, and tight black pants that Chris swore must be leather. The ensemble was completed by a thick cloth choker, a band around his neck that somehow made him look more, not less, masculine.

He was gorgeous. Chris shivered with a combination of nervousness and anticipation as Skye approached.

“You look nice, Chris,” Skye said. A flash of warmth and heat went through him.

“You too.”

“C’mon,” Skye said. He put a hand on Chris’ shoulder, heat traveling from his fingertips. “The club opens at six, and I know you probably don’t want to stay out too late.”

“I…I can stay up late,” Chris said.

“Oh, I said out, not up,” Skye said with a smirk. Chris’ face heated, and he fell into step next to Skye. He had to walk slightly faster to keep up with the taller student, especially as they climbed the slight slope of the arched bridge over the river.

“You’re not skipping out on studying, are you?” Skye asked with a chuckle.

Chris shook his head, his face heating a bit at the thought of the upcoming exam. “No, not really. I mean, I guess I could always be, but—”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sky said, tilting his chin up to indicate the lamps of the city that stretched out ahead of them. “A couple more blocks and we’ll be at the club. You ever wandered around the city before? It can be dangerous if you go too far, but this close to the school it’s kind of nice. A change from the campus, which believe me, you’ll get tired of after a few more months.”

“No. I’m still kinda getting used to things, I think, even at Creekville.” Chris turned, noticing that the campus was dark in the distance now compared to the twinkling lights of the small city. Past the bridge, street lamps lit their way and light glowed from buildings. In the distance, a red light flashed on the tip of a tower, probably to direct landing planes.

Just another place that was bigger than his old hometown. He really had come far.

“Sometime during the day, you should explore the city and maybe the surrounding suburbs. Trust me. Knowing where the good places are will be helpful once you get sick of campus food.” Chris stiffened when Skye put a hand on his shoulder, steering him into a turn down a cheerily lit street. “This way,” he said. “It’s near that Starbuck’s.” The familiar green logo shone in the evening dimness.

As they walked, they joined a few other people, some in couples and some walking alone. A neon sign split the night, and Chris’ heart started to pound.

“This is it,” Skye said. “No drinks, of course, but you seemed like you needed a place to relax, and it’s a fun place. Better than a frat party, by far.” He grinned, and Chris nodded weakly. “We can sit and chat, or dance, whatever you’d prefer.”

Pounding music, though not as loud as the music had been at the frat party, met his ears as they entered. A man in a tight shirt nodded to Skye, and after a glance at Chris, waved them both in. Chris paused for only a moment. He had been expecting an I.D check. Then again, this wasn’t campus.

The club itself seemed to consist of two rooms. The first was the bar, where a shirtless man with a buzzcut was pouring drinks, lit with cheery light. Through a wide doorway, though, Chris could see a darkened dance floor, where another bar illuminated in blue served people who danced either alone or in groups. A DJ stand stood off to one side, the table so dark Chris couldn’t see who was manning it.

“So which would you like, Chris?” Skye said. The music pounded beneath his words, and Chris found his gaze tracking a man who danced with no shirt, very close to another man. “Dancefloor or bar?”

Dancefloor, of course. “I…I can’t really dance, but I’d like to try.”

Skye smiled, and put a hand on Chris’s shoulder, once again steering him. “I can show you,” he said.

The music wound through Chris’ body and his feet as he let Skye guide him onto the dancefloor. The room wasn’t too busy, probably because it wasn’t too late yet, but two other couples—both gay—danced too. One of them, a middle aged couple danced very close, one man resting his head on the other’s shoulder. It made Chris happy to see it. By the bar, a few men mingled, just watching the dance floor.

Then Skye was in front of him, his hands on Chris’ hips. “Move with me,” he said, and Chris did, suddenly very overwhelmed by the combination of the pulsing music, the feel of Skye’s hands, and the sensation of Skye in front of him.

It was easy to move, at least. Chris followed Skye, stepping when he did. His heart began to race, but with both excitement and anxiety this time. The room was too loud to talk, but they didn’t need to. Movement, and contact, was enough.

Chris let his worries subside, just for the moment. The songs kept changing, the beat quickening, then slowing, then quickening again, and their movements changed with it. Skye’s grip snaked down Chris’ hips, and they moved closer together, Chris’ body heating at the increased contact. He put a hand on Skye’s shoulders, and then on his hips, marveling at the fact that this was happening. In one part of his mind, he felt like an imposter. This was a gay bar. It was hard to get out of the closet he had put himself in, to realize that he wanted this, and wanted to enjoy himself.

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