Monday, July 15, 2013

1st Person Erotica

One of my many projects involves the story of a young man in a medieval setting who uses his powers over the will of others to try and record history. He is forbidden to interact with the people he records. Unfortunately for him, the Prince he intends to document is immune to his powers and sees him.

The story is still in the early stages, but its unique among my erotic works in that its all from the 1st person perspective of Keld, the main character. I haven't seen too many erotica novels that are from the 1st person, so its strange to try and do. Definitely fun and enjoyable, but strange.

Anyway, here's a very small snippet. Keld tends to get frustrated just watching all the time. ;)

I could not erase Binden from my mind. Perhaps it was from being so close to him, or perhaps it was just lust from having watched the same subject all day. Maybe my control really was failing. But as soon as I returned to my room, instead of looking at the books I took myself in hand.

            Regret filled me even as I began to stroke, my lust flaring high with each movement of my hand around my thick shaft. I shoudn’t be doing this. I was a magician. Only weak magicians fell prey to desires of the body. Only…weak…

            I let it go, my eyes fluttering shut. There was no other way. If I could not fight back the desire, giving into it would ease it. I hadn’t done this in a long time, but maybe that was part of the problem.

            My mind turned to images of Binden, fuzzy images of sweat dripping down his body and thighs and over his rear. They were fleeting, a cavalcade of images framed by my lust, and I drew up a fantasy of Binden’s hands on me, of his body against mine. I began to gasp, moving my hand faster. I wanted this. No, I needed this. I grit my teeth, choking back a moan. Soon, it approached the point where I could not have stopped even if my master had entered the room.

            My climax made me shudder, and I didn’t even have the presence of mind to reach for a cloth before the result of my weakness spattered over my fingers and on the sheets of my bed. As soon as I stopped pulsing, I groaned in a mixture of relief and shame.
In other news, I am also working hard on Book 4 of the Enforcer's series-Book 3 is submitted and I'll let everyone know the release date as soon as I know it. I also plan to release the next chapter of Freshmen Blues within the next two weeks. :)

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