Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Which books would you like to see in print?

So my publisher is offering to put books in print. Woohoo! Now, to decide which series to start with...

The print books will be full length books, so novellas will be put together. Some options:

The WaterLord trilogy, all together in one book.

Perils of Forgotten Pain + Remembrance. I would edit this one, and add in a couple extra stories, too, both of which have been on this blog. :)

The first three books of the Enforcer's series.

Which would you prefer to see?

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  1. I'm just starting part 2 of Forgotten Pain and think it's wonderful. I'd love to see it in print, especially if there's some added material that isn't available in the ebooks. There has to be an incentive to buy what's more or less another copy. Manna Francis did that with The Administration series and I think it worked well for her.