Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm back! Wednesday Briefs--Aesthetics of Invention part 6!

 A faint glow emanated from the windows of those students who were still awake in the magi collegium. The night air was chill, and Kenneth muttered a warmth spell, Jade huffing as the horse’s muscles relaxed. As he watched, a snowflake fell through the night air and melted as it entered the bubble of heat.

“Hold steady,” he told Jade, patting the horse’s ears and adjusting the pack of clothes that lay across her back. “It won’t be long. We’re going to stay with Thorn.” He hoped the stables at the inventor’s college were as comfortable for horses as Thorn claimed.

He pushed the thought away. Of course they were. He should know by now that talentless treated their animals just the same as mages. Talentless were just like mages, just without magic.

And he loved one, and was going to stay with him for a week.

Jangling reins made him turn. “Victeni? What are you doing out here with all that stuff? You look like an accident waiting to happen.”

Kenneth waved to Brenson as the man rode up, the sound of clopping hooves echoing across the courtyard. Brenson was in many of his alchemy courses, and would notice Kenneth’s absence. Kenneth toyed with what to say.

“I’m going away for a bit,” he began. “A short vacation.”

“Ah, lucky you,” Brenson said as he trotted past toward the stables. “Careful on your travels. We’re getting a bit of spring snow.”

Kenneth waved, and at the same moment a strange heaviness tightened his throat.

Why hadn’t he been forthright about where he was going? He was going to stay with his lifemate. His lifemate, a talentless.

His breath clouded in the cold air. Brenson wouldn’t believe him. Or worse, judge him.

Fires, he couldn’t let himself think that way. He loved Thorn. Kenneth gripped the reins tight in his fist as he mounted his horse, clucking his tongue as resolve formed in his mind. He and Thorn were going to be Enforcers.

“Off we go, Jade,” he said, shifting his weight as the horse started forward. “To the inventor’s college, to stay with my lifemate.” His face heated at the silliness of talking to his horse, but saying the words aloud chased away some of the guilt. There was no way he was ashamed of Thorn, and he wasn’t going to let himself act like he was in the future.

Besides, if what Doctor Maibell said was true, he was the one who was most likely going to be at a disadvantage for most of the next week with Thorn. He had to master control of himself, and control of his magic, all over again.

That became more obvious as he rode through the forest, past the magi town and finally into the talentless slums and toward the collegium. Yellow light from one of the talentless lanters bobbed in the distance just as his magic unfolded like a flower, washing him in the sense of the world around him and the very hot, close sense of Thorn.

Fires, he already wanted him.

He urged Jade into a trot, and a smile stole over his face as the light of the lantern illuminated his lover. Thorn wore his usual heavy coat and a wide-brimmed hat, which was dusted with snowflakes.

“Thought I’d find you frozen again,” he said with a wry grin. “But I see you’re keeping warm.”

“Always, with you around,” Kenneth said, his face growing hot. Thorn just laughed and turned, becking with the lantern. Kenneth dismounted, leading Jade by the reins and moving close to the brunette.

“Wow, I forgot about that spell,” Thorn said. His scent entered Kenneth’s nostrils, a familiar musk that made Kenneth begin to harden. “No wonder you aren’t wearing heavy clothes.” His gaze roved up and down, and Kenneth tugged Jade’s reins. He wanted to get into Thorn’s room, their room, and his mind filled with lust, images of Thorn pressing him down, of the feeling of Thorn’s cock in his mouth—

“Kenneth?” Thorn said, the lantern suddenly blinding. “Fires!” he dropped it, the fire hissing into darkness when it struck the snow-dusted ground.

“Sorry,” Kenneth said, gritting his teeth. Focus. That was what he was here for. He took a deep breath, calming himself before he muttered a spell to cast a glowing orb of light.

Thorn shook his head. “How many things are you going to break, exactly?” he said, wiping his hand on his coat. “I’m going to owe for that lantern.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Kenneth said. “It was my fault.”

“Don’t sound so down,” Thorn said, stopping in his tracks. “Let me guess. You want me?”

The orb of light grew brighter, and Thorn laughed. “I’ll take that a yes. Hold on, Kenneth. I’ll take care of you.”

“Thorn, what…” The light winked out, cold air rushing in, as Kenneth’s control vanished. Thorn dropped to his knees, his hands going to the buttons that clasped Kenneth’s robes. Then before he could breath, Kenneth was engulfed in a hot, warm mouth.

He shuddered where he stood, dropping Jade’s reins. “Fires, Thorn…” he managed, before thought fled. Thorn was so fucking good, so fucking tight with his lips and skilled with his tongue. His hands caressed Kenneth’s balls with soft, light strokes, and Thorn hummed, heat kindling all over Kenneth’s body.

Part of him wanted to grab Thorn’s head, to steady himself and thrust, but another part of him didn’t want to move, wanted to stay at the mercy of the man who had his cock in his mouth. He wanted whatever Thorn gave him.

Thorn sucked harder, and even through the dark Kenneth saw his beautiful brown eyes, staring up at him. He gasped, his body a live wire from one of the talentless’s machines, and then erupted into the hot mouth around him.

He gasped, shuddering, even when Thorn let him go.

“There,” Thorn said, licking his lips with a grin. “Now I can take you home and you won’t go destroying all my lamps, right?”

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