Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A look back and a look ahead: 2015!

Hello all,

No Wednesday Briefs this week--that will resume next week. Instead, this is my annual review of the past year and a look ahead to the next!

This year was marked by a few things. One was a continuation of the Enforcer's series, notably book 4, Capture, which was the longest in the series yet. Kenneth and Thorn's story will continue into the next year.

Second was the beginning of a series of Erotica shorts featuring cyborgs! I intend to keep releasing these also, and the next should be an anthology of what's been released so far with a bonus story to go along with them.

And finally, I'm sure everyone has noticed my involvement with Wednesday Briefs and an ongoing, light-hearted look at Thorn and Kenneth's college days. That will also continue into the new year. 

It's no secret that releases were a bit scarce this year, but there's a reason for that--I got my Ph.D! Now that the worst of that is over, expect more in the new year.

And on that note, let's start with two announcements!

Enforcer's Book 5 is in contract with Extasy and should be released this year, and Freshmen Blues is done, contracted with Dreamspinner press, and should be released sometime in July or August! Freshmen Blues should be getting a print version also!

I hope people look forward to those, and I'm sure to have more announcements soon!

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