Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Briefs: Aesthetics of Invention part 29

Part 29.

Thorn walked with his head held high and his mage lover by his side. They passed the stables, where they tied up their horses, and then strode down the hall, Thorn’s body fizzing with excitement and no small amount of arousal.

George didn’t matter. What other people thought, mage or talentless, didn’t matter. What mattered was Kenneth, here and now.

The door to his room was still splintered, but it closed, and Thorn paused once inside, staring at his lover. Kenneth’s face was flushed, his eyes bright, and he leaned against the wall. The robes he wore were tight on his shoulders and loose around his slightly spread legs, but they didn’t hide the bulge that was obvious to Thorn’s trained eye.

“How’s your magic?” Thorn asked, taking a step closer and trailing his fingers along Kenneth’s sides.

The mage hissed, raising his head and exposing his neck. Thorn didn’t take the bait, opting to move his hands lower, undoing buttons. “Well?” Thorn asked again.

“It’s…under control,” Kenneth said. Thorn flicked his gaze to Kenneth’s hands, which were flat against the wall, but no tell-tale electricity or heat gathered around them.

“Good,” he said. “You’re doing better.”

Kenneth quirked a smile, his body shuddering as Thorn undid the final button and put his hands on him. “It’s good to be around you.”

Thorn smirked. “I feel the same.” He loved touching Kenneth this way, feeling the mage beneath his hands, quivering under Thorn’s power. He may never understand magic, but he understood this. He knew where to trail his fingers, where to be firm and grab and where and when to be soft, to tease. His own cock twitched, thickening painfully, as he grabbed Kenneth’s thigh with his metal hand, squeezing hard and digging his metal fingers into the muscle to pull Kenneth’s legs apart.

“Thorn, yes….” Kenneth threw his head back, his eyes shut. “Please.”

“Please what?” Thorn stood straighter, facing his lover. “I’m not even undressed.”

Kenneth’s face reddened, his blue eyes opening halfway. “Do you want me to undress you?”

“That would be nice.”

Thorn stepped back, but Kenneth didn’t move. Instead, he spoke in that deep, sensuous voice of his, saying words to the aether that sounded like the burbling of a creek, or maybe the whistling of the wind. But Thorn’s buttons came undone, his pants loosening, and his coat shrugged itself off his shoulders.

For a moment it was frightening, Thorn’s heart pounding as his clothing unfastened itself. But thrill replaced fear, and he let it happen, letting Kenneth’s controlled magic render him naked for his mage. He used his metal hand to make Kenneth moan. It was only fair.

Soon enough, cold air washed over Thorn’s naked body, his erect cock jutting out in front of him. Kenneth stared, hunger in his eyes, and Thorn had to smile.

“Alright, let’s get you the rest of the way then,” he said, and grabbed the silk robes his mage loved so much. With a wrench, he tore them off Kenneth’s shoulders, creamy pale skin revealed. Kenneth moved with him, falling against Thorn’s chest, and Thorn held him. He relished the mage’s warmth, and the sensation of the other man’s body against his own aching cock.

“Thorn…” Kenneth turned in his arms, facing him and moving their bodies closer together. “I love you.”

The words added something, the evening suddenly less about naked lust and becoming something deeper. Thorn grabbed Kenneth’s arms, connecting their mouths in a slow kiss, as if trying to communicate everything he could in one act. He loved Kenneth. In the end, that was what mattered. This was what mattered.

Kenneth’s mouth opened, letting Thorn inside, and Thorn relished his taste and the feeling of Kenneth’s slick tongue and soft lips. His cock ached, and he desperately wanted to push Kenneth down and enter him right then, but another part of him was happy enough just being with him like this.

His future was with this man, for who knew how long. He could be an enforcer, and most likely learn skills he had never even imagined before. As he kissed Kenneth, possibilities flittered through his mind like shooting stars, possibilities that involved being with Kenneth, like this, over and over.

And to think it had all started with a flash of lust at seeing a sexy blond man on a nice horse.

“You know what makes the magic easy to manage?” Kenneth whispered into their kiss, breathless.

“What’s that?” Thorn said.

“When I don’t care about it. I don’t care what you can do for my magic. I don’t think about it. I just want you.”

Thorn smiled. That was exactly what he wanted to hear.

“Then I’ll have you,” he said. “Get on the bed, because I want you just as much.”

Kenneth obliged, and as Thorn was lost in the familiar, wonderful sensations of their lovemaking, all other worries faded from his mind. Whatever happened, Enforcers or not, mage or talentless, he would fight to make this relationship work.

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