Friday, August 4, 2017

Storm Lords Countdown--4 days until release!

For today, I figured I'd talk about the incident that inspired the story!

Flash back to my second year of graduate school. I was living in the dense urban jungle of NYC, in an apartment with no air conditioning, and my two tiny cats were two tiny kittens. There was a heat wave that lasted for two weeks. Two weeks of temperatures in the high 90's during the day and dipping only to 80, maybe 75 at the lowest, at night. With humid NYC air. I had no screens on my windows, and one of my kittens was rather...dumb. He would see bugs outside and try to catch them, which meant the one time I tried opening my window, he would try and jump out. I very quickly learned I couldn't open my windows.

It was hell. I could barely sleep at night it was so hot. I had one working fan, and would put a bowl of ice in front of it to keep cool. Cold showers were only a relief for a few minutes. I was overheating all the time. The kittens, at least, seemed fine.

But one night, I was sitting there praying for rain, or a storm to break the heat. And then the idea hit me--someone who could summon storms to break heat waves.

The rest is history--or at least, a fun story you can read on August 8th!

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