Monday, October 15, 2012

New York Comic Con!

So I went to New York Comic Con this weekend, just visiting as a fan. I only went on Saturday, but I really enjoyed the experience. I had gone last year and been incredibly disappointed by the lack of things to do and the overwhelming crowds, but this year it was far better.

The Con is usually divided up into barely perceptible sections. You have the booths of the main players and large companies (Dark Horse, Square Enix, Nintendo, Capcom) which typically have demos to play or wares to sell. Then you get toward the smaller companies, and finally the small one or two man shops that only pop up at the con and typically sell one or two handmade things.

Some themes I noticed at the con this year:

Better managed: It was less crowded than last year. Last year I think the enormous Avenger's event contributed to a lot of overcrowding, as I found myself unable to get around at all. This year, while the crowds were still intense, it was much better managed.

The Avengers were still popular, though, as evidenced by this guy. There were a lot of Loki cosplayers, but he was the best one.

Things to do: The panels are not the main draw of Comic Con as they are at other conventions, like anime cons I've been too, but this year at least I was able to get into the panels I wanted to see. There were still lines, but none for longer than an hour, and as far as I could tell very few people were left wanting for any particular event.

Things to Buy: Last year I was actively trying to spend money on cool swag and could find nothing. This year I ran out of money. There were a lot more smaller vendors and far fewer giant displays of cool items that weren't actually for sale, which meant I could go home at the end of the day and feel like I actually had something to show for it. I ended my excursion with four comic books and a T-shirt.

Things to see: Video game demos were fun, but there wasn't much new at this con, mostly things you can read about on the internet. No big Avengers event or screenings. But, at cons like these, it's the fans that entertain each other.

From bottom to top, we have an original design bunny girl, Mr T, Neku from the video game The World Ends With You, Pit from the video game Kid Icarus, King Hippo from the video game Punch Out!, Master Roshi from the anime Dragon Ball, and Tiger and Bunny from the anime Tiger and Bunny. Thanks to all for letting me take your picture!

Oh, and one last thing at this con: Ponies were everywhere. 

You could find these cards all over the place, along with little miniature pony figures.

 In sum, a great day!

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