Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Working on a new series

Sorry I've been gone so long, but I have been hammering out the details of a new series. This one is steampunk. 

Currently book one is complete, and book two is half done. I anticipate at least four books, each one about 25-30k.

I'll leave you all with a teaser blurb:

Lord Kenneth Victeni has every opportunity and every privilege. As the noble son of a powerful mage, he puts little thought into the lives of the talentless, the second class citizens who cannot use magic in a world ruled by mages.

That changes when he meets Thorn, a talentless who is studying at the inventor’s college, where those without magic develop steam powered technology. The two men share a mutual attraction, and what’s more, Thorn just might be Kenneth’s lifemate-the man who, with just his presence, can double Kenneth’s magical power.

Kenneth’s ignorance of the lives of the talentless puts an obstacle in their budding relationship, however, and his life grows even worse when another magi at the collegium attacks and nearly kills him. Now Thorn and Kenneth must put aside their argument and find a way to put a stop to a mage who poses a threat to others-and along the way, Kenneth might even learn the sensitivity he needs to win over Thorn.

Keep an eye out for updates about my new series!

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