Friday, February 28, 2014

Erotic Cyborg Short Stories: update

Hello all,

Sorry for missing teaser Tuesday this week--I spent the whole day moving to a new apartment, and getting internet set up was a chore!

Right now, I have several short stories that are waiting to be released--but I'm working on cover art first! But I'll tell you a little about the world.

The stories are all set in the same setting--the world of the future, with cyborg technology, except the war that set off the events of Remembrance and Perils of Forgotten Pain never happened. In this alternate world, cyborg technology is used not to fight wars, but to augment interstellar travel and help people endure living in zero-G or on new planets.

Cyborgs still work for the government, but are men and women who choose to undergo modifications so that they can perform off-planet jobs or go on long, exploratory missions into deep space. They routinely travel back to Earth to get new assignments or to relax after a long mission--which can consist of years off-planet.

The series of stories are short, erotic romps about cyborgs finding love and pleasure with each other and with unmodifed humans. Each story has a hint about upcoming stories, too.

I hope, once I secure cover art for the series, to release the first one soon. You can pick them up in singles or, once I've released a fair number, as an anthology. Keep an eye on the blog for an announcement on release dates!

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