Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: A scene from Noble Magic

Last week we got a snippet from Capture, but now lets flash back to the original book in that series. Thorn and Kenneth's first kiss!

Kenneth breathed deep. A date. He wanted another date. He was actually considering seeing an inventora talentless! His mother had been disappointed enough when she learned that Kenneth liked men.  

“...Perhaps we can...explore more of this area. I dont know it well.He would have liked to show Thorn more of what he did, but other magi would raise eyebrows at his bringing a talentless around the collegium. Staying in the slums was safer. 

Thorn smiled. I would like that, but why not come to my lab tomorrow afternoon? Weve talked about your alchemy, but I want to show you my work too.” 

Kenneth squashed disappointment. He wanted to spend time with Thorn, but he didnt relish looking at what was sure to be inventions for war. That sounds nice,he managed. I can do that.” 
Excellent.Thorn stepped close, and Kenneth froze as the brunette grabbed his arm, his grip like a vise, and kissed him on the lips, a light question. 

Kenneth put his arms around him and deepened the kiss, thoughts of other magi and talentless and what his father would think vanishing. Thorn pushed him lightly, up against the wall of the alley, flicking his tongue against Kenneths lips. 

Kenneth could barely breathe, but he didnt much care. The man against him was strong, his lips soft, his tongue slick and wet. Kenneth opened his mouth, twining their tongues together, panting at the heat and wetness. Thorn moved so that his body was flush against Kenneths, pressing against his hardening length, and Kenneth fought not to move his hips. 

Impossibly, his magic responded too, a light thrum, like the unfolding petals of a flower. Strength flared, and for a moment, he wondered if this was what finding a lifemate must feel like. 

As quickly as it had begun the moment ended, Thorn pulling away, his face flushed. Ill see you tomorrow then. I should get Chocolate back to the stables.He leapt up into the saddle, a playful smirk on his face.

Kenneth adjusted his suddenly too warm robes, aware that his erection was obvious. Tomorrow, then,he said after a moment to collect his thoughts. 

Good luck with your alchemy.Thorn clucked his tongue, Chocolate setting a quick pace, and soon he had vanished out of the alley.

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