Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Teaser Tuesday-A scene from Alpha

Today we have a short scene from Alpha!

Nick arrived to work late, though no one would notice, considering the building didn't tend to fill up until ten. The first message on his screen told him that the coffee machine had broken on the twenty-seventh floorthe precinct. Great. 
Just keep your head down. Thats the advice Riki had always given him when dealing with police in any fashion and wandering into their domain, especially when they hadn't yet had their coffee, could be a nerve-wracking proposition. 

At least the dogs were cute, and Nick patted one of the enormous shepherds on the head as he passed by. 

He groaned when he saw the mess. The coffee machine hadn't just broken, it had exploded. Half- finished coffee dripped from the base of the machine onto the floor, and the entire area smelled like burnt french roast. Now he had to act like an old-fashioned janitor as well as mechanic because the cleanerbots couldn't wipe down the innards of the coffee machine. 

He knelt down on the ground, swiping at the spreading puddle of coffee, and for the next half hour, he became absorbed in his profession, ignoring the graceful movements of the Alpha officers around him and their snide grumblings about not being able to drink coffee. Fucking Alphas and their ten hour a night sleep requirement. 


Nick jolted and sat on his heels from his kneeling position. Was that Julian? 

Hey, you should have told me you worked in this building.” 

He turned around to see the tall brunette, clad in the uniform of an investigator. Nick's heart hit his throat and stuck there. One thought boomed in his headif Riki found out, he would kill him. 

What are you working on there?Julian smiled down at him, his eyes kind, a sharp contrast to the vicious glare that Riki was currently giving Nick in his mind. will be fixed soon,” he managed, turning back to his work. 

Hey, don't worry,” Julians voice sounded distant, drowned out by the humming of the machine. People here don't mind that much. Hey, can I call you tonight?” 

Why didn't he just go away? Nick's hands shook as he reached his keycard around the machine to fiddle with the settings. Sure. Later though. Like eight or so?” 

Sure thing. I guess I'll leave you to it then.Julian sounded confused, almost hurt, but Nick couldn't risk looking at him. 

The Alpha would be sure to see the panicked fear in his eyes. 

As soon as the job was done, Nick retreated back down to the basement. His heart pounded in his head and his stomach roiled.

He had fucked up. He had fucked up royally, and all for two nights of arguing and fucking with a manan Alpha, for fuck's sake! As soon as he had realized Julian was an Alpha, he should have told him to get lost. Now he was stuck trying to stay unnoticed and accomplish his dream with an investigator attracted to him. 
An wonder he had been able to tell Nick's emotions that first night and pick up on his arousal. Nick thought he was just sensitive, not a fucking trained questioner with enhanced vision. 

He slumped in his desk chair, ignoring the beeping that told him a sink was broken on the thirtieth floor. He had to break it off, tonight.

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