Friday, June 22, 2012

A bit more about The Perils of Forgotten Pain

So, one of my works is The Perils of Forgotten Pain, a story about a cyborg soldier and how he decides to -well, I won't spoil it. But he falls in love.

The world of that story is one of the most complex I've created. It is a science fiction setting, to be sure, but there is magic-as Blaze explains, magic is anything that technology or science cannot explain-something that is unpredictable and is not the same each time.

On one level, it makes sense. It is not meant to be an injection of fantasy into a science fiction world, but rather an exploration of that little bit of mysteriousness that always exists, even in the future. The "specialties" I gave magicians in that universe work only within the bounds of opportunities-they have to be at the right place at the right time. On some level, they have to be very in touch with the randomness of the universe to even recognize the opportunities for what they are. Once they recognize them, then they can act on them.

I won't say it's my attempt to bring in quantum uncertainty, but it kind of is. :D

Now, one thing that didn't get explored fully in Perils was the Distant Rule. They are the government that oversees the orbiting space stations, where humanity has lived for a thousand years since the world basically ended. That event is something you will read about in Remembrance, which takes place long before Perils.

But what is life like on those space stations? Well, I have a short story that will give some details about that. It's from a surprising point of view, also.

Check the blog tomorrow morning for a short free read. It will explain some things some people were left wondering about at the end of Perils, too.

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