Monday, June 18, 2012

Fandoms are a ton of fun

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and the internet has its own special brand of celebration. Usually, these are things like memes, some of which make it into the "real world" (like "All your base" or "dancing baby,") and some of which don't (Who's heard of "it's over 9000!" outside of the video game/anime fandom?). Fans of different works make their home on the internet, and because of its anonymity, fandom is taken to extremes.

Wasting time on the internet usually involves you stumbling upon at least some of these. Go straight, and you'll find the Avengers fandom. Take a right, you'll find the bronies, fans of My Little Pony. Another left, you might find the Furries, or Homestuck fans, or the kink memes for Supernatural or Hetalia.

Fandoms are a ton of fun, if you're a part of them. Want a specific fanfic of something you like? Go to the Kink meme on livejournal for it, or check out on Want a drawing of the Avengers sticking their asses out like supermodels?

Actually, this image, drawn by Kevin Bolk, is an illustration of how the movie poster would look if the male avengers posed like the female one. It's amazing.

But yes, point is, you can find anything on the internet related to your fandom if you look hard enough.

I'm not what one would call a huge fan of anything. I don't participate in a lot of online fandom communities, or let myself get drawn into the controversies that accompany many fandoms (such as the aforementioned sexism in movie advertisements), though I do have my opinions of things. I tend to be a lurker-a term for someone who hangs around communities and looks at stuff, but doesn't post anything. An internet consumer, if you will, of the best that various fandoms have to offer.

I often wonder if this is what everyone does on the internet, or if its just me. :P

Now I should get back to writing, shouldn't I?

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