Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Techno Tuesday and some sneak peeks!

Good old DJ Tiesto.

Now, for some updates on what I'm working on!

First, we have Book 3 of the Enforcer's series. I won't say too much about this one, since the first two books aren't released yet.
Second, I am a little less than halfway through the StormLords, the first chapter of which I posted a while back. A sneak peak from the blurb:
Rowen, a handicapped young man unable to speak, was chosen as a sacrifice to bring the storms. But when they come, a man comes with them-a man named Kristoff, who claims that Rowen, too, has the power to call storms and save people from the horrible heat waves that plague the planet. 
This one is pure fantasy. 
 I am also about halfway through another story called The Chronicler, another fantasy. 
Keld has served his Master ever since he was saved as a young child. There is one ironclad rule-never be seen. His power over the will of others makes it easy for him to hide and perform his task of chronicling the events of the Duke's Keep.

Everything goes well for Keld until the Prince ofthe realm comes to visit the Keep. Prince Binden can see through Keld's power-and see Keld. 

Soon, the young Chronicler is caught up in far more than just writing down events.
And of course, another fantasy, called Shadoweyes. 

Lyssan is the hero foretold, a man with control over flame and prophesied to break the eternal Dusk that has fallen over the land. It's too bad for him that he has no clue how to do it. Prophecies have come and gone, but the latest revolves around a man called the Shadoweyes, a messenger of eternal night. 

The King wants the Shadoweyes dead, and it's possible that if Lyssan kills him, the world will be saved. The problem? The Shadoweyes is a good man who saved the King's son. Not only that, Lyssan would much rather love him than kill him. 

That's all for blurbs, but I am also in the planning stages of another story. This one involves shifters and the fairy realm! 

Which of the above sounds coolest to you?

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