Friday, March 1, 2013

New Free Story: Freshmen Blues

So I've decided to post a new free read on the blog for a while. I'll see how it goes as a free read, and see if people enjoy it. If you like what you see, comment. If you don't, also comment. It's a bit different than my usual style, so it will be a fun experiment. You can find it under its own page, and I will try to update every other week, sometimes more.

The blurb:

Freshmen Blues

19 year old Chris Taklo was a barely average student in high school. He had every intention of joining his father in the lumber business after he graduated. College, and the nearly super powered abilities that come from it, was not for him.

But then he gets a letter in the mail from the prestigious Creekville University. Despite never actually applying, he’s accepted as a student.

Chris begins to attend Creekville, very quickly fitting in with his classmates and finding his niche among new friends in Reed Hall. But the reason he got in in the first place hangs over his head, along with the mysterious presence of Frederic Sulzman, a senior who the other students in his hall are leery of. There are rumors about Frederic, and about the strange professor that Frederic does research with.

The very same professor who sent Chris’ acceptance letter. 

Check it out and tell me what you think! Once it gets lengthy and if I like it I will probably take it down, add more, and shop around to pubs, so please enjoy it while its up!

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