Friday, April 4, 2014

New Release!

Book 2 in my series of Erotic Cyborg short stories is out today at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks!

A short story featuring cyborgs...

After an accident, Kevin isn't too happy with his new prosthetic legs. To help him recover, his doctor suggests he meet with a cyborg, a man who is long used to prosthetics and what they can do.

But Dimitri has an interesting way of imparting his lessons. Kevin is only human, and will have to work hard to keep up with a cyborg.


Kevin remembered when this nightmare began as clear as day. He didn’t remember the accident, but it was the aftermath when he realized just how bad his life was going to become.

“Don’t worry,” the doctor had said. “The prosthetics are even better than your old legs. You’ll be better than new.” He had actually smiled.

Smiled, when he told Kevin that he was basically going to become a cyborg. He was surprised the doctor didn’t ask him to sign his life away to the government that very moment.


The bell attached to the door by the cafe rang behind Kevin, and he winced when he stepped wrong. He grabbed the wall for support, his artificial knee buckling. He frowned when he looked at it—the sleek gray metal that formed the knee joint was too obvious.

A woman with frizzy brown hair and a pin on her shirt raised an eyebrow and got up from her chair. “Are you alright, sir?” she asked, heading over to help him.

Kevin grit his teeth, pushing against the wall to get back to his feet. “I’m fine. I’m fine, go back to your meal.” He stood up straighter, pain shooting through his new legs, and he sucked in a breath. The doctor had said that would happen periodically while he got used to them.

“Okay, if you’re sure…” she took a step away, and Kevin noticed the café owner looking at him. He ducked his head, face flaming, and sat down in an uncomfortable wooden chair at a table. Posters on the walls of the café proclaimed about the famous coffee and the scones.

The bell rang again, and Kevin looked up to be greeted by a tall man with dark hair at the door, his eyes a piercing soft gray. He was gorgeous.

Kevin swallowed hard. The man’s hands were metallic, the skin shimmering in a way normal human skin did not. He couldn’t pick out any other obvious modifications, although he did notice how tightly the man’s pants clung to his thighs. He looked muscular, at least. Kevin swallowed.

This must be the cyborg he was here to meet. Kevin shoved down sudden anxiety. He needed to learn how to function with artificial legs, and he needed all the advice he could get. But if this person tried to recruit him into the government’s cadre of half-human lackeys, he was gone, pain or not, clumsiness or not.

“I’m Kevin,” he said with a wave. He motioned to the table. “You must be Dimitri, right?”

Dimitri moved with grace that spoke of enhanced balance as he slid into the seat across from Kevin. He smiled, his teeth a perfect white. The top button of his shirt was undone, and wide shoulders stretched fabric.

Kevin took a breath. Focus. Attractive or not, this man was a cyborg. According to what the doctor had said, he had served for three years on Europa and ten on the government’s space elevator. Kevin had to be careful, or he’d end up more machine than man and working off-planet. He didn’t believe a cyborg would help anyone and give advice just out of the goodness of their heart. He shouldn’t have agreed to meet him.

“Alright,” Dimitri said, leaning forward. “Let’s get to it, I suppose. Doctor Lorio told me you’re having trouble adjusting to your new prosthetics. I have extensive experience with them. If you have any questions, concerns, or need advice, I’m here. Ask away.”

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