Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Remembrance

A brief snippet from Remembrance!

Aldric snapped his eyes open. Daniel was reading a tattered book, his back to the couch as he sat on the floor, and he turned as Aldric sat up. Aldric sat up, drawing up his knees to hide his arousal.

Feeling better?Daniel set the book down. 

Aldric slowed his breathing. He was no stranger to such dreams, but this one had been unusually vivid. Yes.He hoped he hadnt moaned in his sleep. What had woken him? Daniel gave no sign of having noticed anything amiss. 

I was thinking. Weve both had a rough day. I kind of want to relax a bit. Theres a place in the middle of town that ferments...well, I don’t know what exactly, but point is they have alcohol. You drink?” 

Not in a while.He had during the war, though. No soldier turned down drink when they could get it. 

You up for it? Daniel stood, arching his back. They have food too, and lots of people. Whores, of course, though I know...well, just in case. He sighed and walked into the bedroom. Get changed if youre coming,he called. 

Aldric took off his shirt and headed to the bathroom. He was  still erect, and he tried to will it away as he examined his wound, taking off his shirt. It had turned pink, but a healthy pinknot the fiery red that indicated infection. He would be fine. 
He felt more than finehis body craved release. His mind recoiled from it now, though. Before he slept he had seen death, had remembered deathit felt wrong to revel in such lust now. Pursuing life in the face of death...it almost made sense, but not enough. 

He took a few deep breaths. The unpleasant thoughts took the edge off of his arousal. Aldric waited until his erection softened, his balls aching somewhat, before leaving the bathroom and getting changed. 

He had just pulled on his gloves when Daniel emerged. The dark haired man wore a long sleeved shirt and jeans that were tighter than usual, or maybe it was just Aldrics lingering arousal making him think that. Ready?” 


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