Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Only Human

Hello all,

To celebrate Only Human making it into the top 100 over the weekend on Amazon, here's a short excerpt from the short story. I hope you enjoy!

If you want to check it out, it's only 99c! 


Kevin had expected something utilitarian from a cyborg, but Dimitri’s apartment was well furnished with a plush carpet. It was very plush and very soft, and he knew that because as soon as he got inside Dimitri tripped him and shoved him down onto it, a firm hand on his back. The carpet fibers tickled his nose.
“Alright.” There was a growl in Dimitri’s voice. “You want to stop at any point, what’s the word?”
“Café au lait.” They had discussed it in the car. Dimitri had probably thought of it in the café.
“Good. Now. Up.” A hand clutched the back of his shirt, and Kevin was hoisted to his feet as though he were a kitten being picked up by a mother cat. Kevin was not a small man, and was muscular in his own right, but Dimitri lifted him effortlessly and placed him on his feet.
“Time to get naked,” Dimitri said with a feral grin. “Show me what you’ve got.”
Kevin nodded. If this was anyone but a cyborg, he would be ashamed of revealing where his legs became the metallic prosthetics. He removed his shirt first, Dimitri giving an appreciative nod as the cold air washed over Kevin’s defined abs. When he took his pants off, Dimitri’s gaze was riveted to his shaft, which was half hard. 
Dimitri strode forward, kneeling down and running a metallic hand down his thighs and over the metal part of his legs below the knee joint. “What does this feel like?” he asked.
“Um…” The sensation was duller than before, when he had his normal legs. Then Dimitri tightened his grip, his fingers sending a strange buzzing through Kevin that made him gasp and pull away.
“What was that?!”
“Just testing.” Dimitri moved away, standing up once more.  “Resonance, really. My hands can vibrate at resonant frequencies of some common metals. Or just vibrate, if I want them to.” He grinned and snapped his fingers, the sound dull. “It’s a common ability in cyborgs trained to mine and work with complex machinery, and it’s also amazingly erotic if you have the right design.” That choice of words again. Kevin swallowed. “You, clearly, don’t.” Dimitri shrugged.
“I…I’m not a cyborg,” Kevin said.
“That’s right. I am, though.” Dimitri took off his shirt, the muscles in his back and stomach flexing. Kevin felt himself grow harder.
Dimitri was stunning. Sure, his arms turned into a metallic sheen, and surgery scars dotted his chest and neck. But his body was perfect, sculpted like a statue. Kevin wanted him, and Dimitri hadn’t even taken his pants off yet.
“Do…do they do muscle enhancements?” Kevin asked. Then he jumped when Dimitri’s eyes changed color.
“No. I train. All of us do—we have to stay at our best.” He stepped closer, reaching for Kevin with one hand while unbuttoning his fly with the other. His body radiated heat, or maybe it was just Kevin’s excitement. “But the enhancements make it easier, its true.” He stroked Kevin’s body, his finger buzzing over his stomach and down over his balls. Kevin sucked in a breath.
“Why are you…ah…” his question left him when Dimitri grabbed his cock, giving it a firm stroke that left it completely erect when he let go. Thank god his metal hands were mostly smooth.
“Why am I what?” Dimitri asked, squeezing Kevin’s erection just to the edge of pain. The question died in his throat, Kevin throwing his head back and letting out a whispered gasp.
“Look.” Dimitri stepped back. His pants fell to the floor, revealing his enormous half-hard erection and the rest of him.
Kevin swallowed. His legs were not like Kevin’s. This was a cyborg—skin that gleamed like metal under the harsh lights of the room from the thighs down, each sweep of a metal thigh and knee down to the ankle sculpted and perfect.
“You like what you see?” Dimitri asked.
Kevin nodded. His balls drew up, his cock hardening so much it hurt. He had always distrusted men like these, powerful cyborgs who left the safety of Earth and served the government.
But they were also so sexy.

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